2018 Macau Open Handbooks published

2018 Macau Indoor Archery Open is one of six World Archery Indoor World Series of the world.

Meanwhile Macau Indoor Archery Open has following events from 27th.Nov to 2nd. Dec.2018.

Archers can shoot one or more events. Enjoin your shooting and time in Macau.

1)      2018 GAA Indoor Archery Elite Champion Cup 
i)       Compound /Recurve (Men/Women)     
ii)      Barebow Open                        
iii)     Master Open (40+)   
iv)     Secondary Tournaments                       
2)      2018 GAA Indoor Traditional Archery Champion Cup
i)       Traditional Bow Open   
ii)       Secondary Tournament                         
3)     2018  GAA Indoor Youth Jinye Archery Champion Cup 
i)       Recurve (Men/Women) (U17) (U15) (U12)    
ii)      Compound Open (U17)                  
iii)     Traditional Open (U15) 
iv)     Secondary Tournaments                 
4)      2018 Indoor Archery World Series - Macau Open  
i)        Recurve / Compound (Men/Women)  
ii)       Secondary Tournament 

More details please go to https://www.gaaintl.com/gallary and download handbooks.