GAA announced China Commitee establishment on Jan 6th

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Global Archery Alliance (GAA), January 6th, Suzhou, China – announced the establish of its China Committee (GAA China) on the opening ceremony of GAA China Champions Cup on January 6th in Suzhou, which marks the 2018 season opening. Mr. Simon Ho, Secretary General of GAA, Mr. Gu Qing, Department Director from Sports Bureau of Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech District, Wang Yu, Chairman of GAA China and International Archery Judge Pecilius Tan, as well as other guests attended the opening ceremony and press conference.   

Global Archery Alliance (GAA) is an international organization based in Singapore, dedicated to uniting and serving to archery clubs and archers around the world. WACF Secretary General Simon Ho said: “Archery has deep roots in China's history and culture. It’s a great honor to witness the establishment of GAA China Committee. I am very proud and excited.” He invites archery clubs and athletes from all over China to work together with GAA China to make the sports of archery more interesting, attract public to join in, so that the clubs will be more viable and sustainable in longer term for development of the sport.

GAA has launched a series of online archery tournaments relying on social networking platform through an independently developed e-competition system, including the Indoor Archery World Cup Online Tournament, of which the ranking results were synchronized with the Indoor Archery World Cup Bangkok. GAA China has also held the first University Online Archery League for college archers and the Traditional Archery Online League, through a network of around two hundred clubs as competition venues, attracted over a thousand participants in two months’ time.GAA’s online events offered opportunities of experiencing competitions in various forms to all level of archers. The China Champions Cup is the first on-set event held in China. Many athletes already tested their skills in online events while there are also many first-timers, among them the youngest athlete, Zhang Chenghao, is from Wuxi and only 9 years old. This event marks the opening of GAA China 2018 season, which includes 8 major competitions, dozens of smaller point-adding tournament, which will let all levels of athletes and archery enthusiasts as well as general public into the sport. According to Chairman Wang Yu of GAA China, there will be international standard competitions, leisure archery events for the public, and tournaments aiming for youngsters. There is also a point ranking system that integrates both online and on-set events, with which more archers would be able to win a chance to enter the annual finals that will be held in Bangkok.

This Champions Cup is supported by the Sports Bureau of Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech District. Venue set up is of the Indoor Archery World Cup standards, and the judges are led by an international archery judge. The tournament is ending on January 7th, ultimately generates 12 medals for individua and teams in both standard discipline as well as Beiter Hit-or-Miss matches.


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