GAA Team Ranking registration now is open

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

GAA Team Ranking will run for the entirety of the 2019 GAA events in Macau Indoor Archery. A team will consist of two archers of one division. A team can have different genders.

GAA Team Ranking division as following:

1. Recurve Bow

2. Compound Bow

3. Mixed bow (Traditional Bow+Barebow)

Division means that archers must under same division as above 3 divisions; irrespective archers are in Youth or Master Categories or others.

Teams may be entered by clubs, schools, associations, companies or independent groups. Each team must fill the form and archers must under same team within one season (until 10/11/2020). Same archer is not allowed to shoot for different teams, even he or she shoot both Recurve or Mixed bow divisions in Macau Indoor Archery Open. Teams do not shoot any extra arrows for ranking.

Team entry fee is USD 50 per team.

Team entry fee will be waived in 2019 season.

The deadline of team entry is 15th.Oct.2019.

Ranking rules:

1. Final team points counted by two archers’ point.

2. Equal points, decision will be based on the total scores of qualification round. Example: Team A point 180, Team B point 180. Team A total scores 590/60 arrows (296+294), Team B total scores 588/60 arrows (297+291). Team A would be ranked advance.

3. Equal points and scores. Teams will have same ranking place.


l Each team must provide Archers ID photo on white background.

l Each team must provide team logo and full team name.

The top 8 teams of each division will be awarded certificates. And all teams ranking will be list on

Now you can register by the following link:

Contact Email: